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PHONICS programme
for Schools

Upgrade your phonics programme

Add our 2-day phonics programme

to TURBOCHARGE your students' reading and writing skills!

Learn English with
Bear & Friends

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A powerful synthetic phonics based English literacy and language programme.

We offer in-person teacher training and remote training to ensure your teachers are fully trained to take full advantage of the programme to achieve the best learning outcome possible.

We offer teacher support, online resources, training videos, written tutorials and chat groups to ensure your teachers have all the support they need to succeed!


Our worksheets are SMART worksheets. They are compatible with our BE Reading Pen and companion iOS and Android app. These edtech tools help enhance learning at school and at home.


Our programme leads to predictable learning outcomes in children.


Our programme is built by Babington Education. Established in 2009, Babington is a leader in teaching phonics to children and is one of the largest English language learning centres in Hong Kong.

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Not just stories...but shared values

All of our stories are built around our shared values.

Through short stories, we instil our shared values to the next generation so that they can learn to become better people.

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Not just books...but Lexile ® certified books

Our storybooks are certified by the Lexile ®  Framework for Reading

Lexile® measures are the gold standard for measuring reading development and comprehension. It is a scientific approach to measuring both reading ability and the text complexity of reading materials on the same developmental scale.

Over 35 million students and 100 million books, articles and websites have received Lexile reading and text measures.

Phonics is a TOOL

It's not just a tool...its THE MOST IMPORTANT tool.

137 X 37 = ?

Think about it like this...

Let's say we are in a class and the teacher gives you a problem, say...

" What is 137 X 37?"

If you were not given a tool to help you solve this problem, then you would have to try to solve it in your head. As you take time to try to work out the problem, you start to feel anxious, pressured and stressed. This leads to confusion which causes you to take more time. The more time you take, the more anxious you become. The more anxious you become, the more confused you are. You, therefore, enter a vicious cycle wherein the end, you give up by saying the infamous,


"I don't know".

Now, let's say you are given a tool. This tool is called a calculator. 

How would you feel?



With this tool, all those anxious feelings immediately disappear as you have a tool to help you overcome your problem. 

Reading and writing is no different. 

With no tool, children will feel anxious and stressed. With the phonics tools, children will feel relieved. Over time, children's application of the phonics tools increases in speed and accuracy and thus, children's reading and writing confidence grows. 


The phonics tool we teach children to use is their very own fingers.

It is with them 24/7, and it's impossible to lose!

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